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Facial skin can become irritated when wearing a mask for long hours, no matter if it is a medical grade mask or just a mask crafted out of a bandana or scarf. Any of these protective coverings can leave skin irritated and dry.

A non-aggressive, hydrating and soothing skincare regimen can help

  • Step One: Cleanse
    • The face mask should be worn on clean skin
    • Use a gentle product that will not disrupt the skin barrier such as:
      • ZO Hydrating Facial Cleanser
      • ZO Calming Toner
      • Do NOT use any medicated, deodorant or perfumed soaps
  • Step Two: Moisturize and Protect
    • Use a moisturizer to help restore and maintain the skin barrier like:
      • SkinCeuticals Tripile Lipid
      • SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid
      • ZO Daily Power Defense
  • PLUS, apply sunscreen to the areas NOT covered by the mask
  • Step One: Cleanse
    • You need to remove all the dirt, sweat and oil accumulated throughout the day. Use gentle products (see above)
  • Step Two: Moisturize and Soothe
    • Skin should be moisturized with a topical noncomedogenic (Won’t cause acne) emollient to help comfort, soothe and to temporarily protect and relieve chapped skin (see above)